25 Mart 2015 Çarşamba

Zurna Durum

When you read standard travel blogs you are usually meet with premium places with highly prices, where rarely preferred by natives. Conversely, I'm trying to share local tastes for my follower. Zurna Durum is one of these places. I know it seems a bit weird but you need to give it a chance.

Zurna Durum(wrap) is a type of wrap that prepared by tavuk. It's the longest wrap I've ever seen. Plus, the taste is a far amount good.

The wrap is consisting a special sauce that has yoghurt, so they are serving the wrap in a nylon bag.

Zurna means "shrill pipe", so I'm sure you get why it's called as Zurna.

If you're willing to experience a regular lunch of Kadikoy citizens, you should give Zurna Durum a chance.


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