23 Mart 2015 Pazartesi

7-8 Hasanpasa Firini

After the spreading of bakery shop chains, tasteless and similar snack foods had becomed mainstream. For now, there are few historical bakery shops in Istanbul. Today I will introduce you 7-8 Hasanpasa Firini.

It's a small shop that located in the center of Besiktas. The name of the bakery is coming from an ordinary Ottoman general, who illiterate and has a sign like seven and eight (7-8) letters in arabic letters (سبعة أو ثمانية).

There is no place to sit. Instead, You are ordering your food and the staff is putting your food in a package.

You can encounter with an queue out front the shop at all hours of the day and night. But don't give up. It will worth it.

I like Acibadem (almond cooky-marchpane), Coco(macaroon, with coconut) and Havuclu Kek(carrot cake).

You can take your cake, go to the seacoast and eat your foods with a beautiful sunset and a tea.


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