7 Mayıs 2015 Perşembe

Belgrad Ormanı

Belgrad forest is situated in  the east of the city centre to the south of the Straits of Istanbul, the forest lies along the Black Sea,  the forest  provides a great benefit the  need for clean air. It is vital to the ecosystem.

Thousands of bird, reptile, mammal and insect species inhabit in Belgrad forest. There are lots of  types of plants that live in the area with them, they are also very interesting. Some plants are suitable for the climate of the Black Sea, while some are plants that grow in the middle European climate. The reason for this is located in a region between the climates of the region.

Here there are wooden table and benches for a picnic. There is also a café .

 It is good place for running and cycling. This kind of good places are very hard to find in Istanbul

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